samedi 12 mars 2011

Suivez le nuage...

Goodbye Blogger! Hello Tumblr!

dimanche 20 février 2011

Banksy goes to Hollywood

Banksy is a UK graffiti artist whose identity is unconfirmed.
His film "Exit through the giftshop" is in running for the next Academy Award for best documentary feature.
The 2011 Academy Award will be held in L.A on February the 27th.

Some pics of his work :

The Simpsons intro by Banksy :

His book released on 2005 :

lundi 31 janvier 2011

American Splendor

In 70's and 80's, Harvey Pekar, a file clerk, tells his life in the American underground comic book entitled "American Splendor".

In 2003, the actor Paul Giamatti is a hero everyman Harvey Pekar.

His first TV appearance on David Letterman show:

lundi 3 janvier 2011

Looking back on the 2010 releases

The movie: "Nostalgia de la luz" by Patricio Guzmán

Music album: "My beautiful dark twisted fantasy" by Kanye West

The musical UFO: "Tron" by Daft Punk

A very special video clip: "We used to wait" by Arcade Fire

Try the interactive film by Chris Milk:

Most expected movie in 2011: "The tree of life" by Terrence Malick

lundi 20 décembre 2010


Tom Lowe, an astronomy photographer, used Canon cameras and Red MX to produce thisvideo, "TimeScape", mixing photos and videos.

In theaters next February.

More information here.